Karthi: no intentions to marry Tamannah

KarthiKarthi Sivakumar, the most eligible bachelors of tamil stars, has again cleared he has no intentions to marry Tamannah and will loose his bachelor status soon.

He revealed this when journalists asked him in Chennai on Thursday whether he is in love with Tamannah, his ‘Paiya’ co-star. “She is my colleague and a very good friend of mine, My father and mother have been searching for a bride for me. They know me well and I am hopeful that they would zero in on a perfect girl. I would also consult with my anna Suriya and anni Jyothika before tying the knot.”Karthi said.

He added that finding a match for a film star is not easy as many families are having second thoughts about giving their daughter in marriage to him.

On his forthcoming ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’, Karthi said, “it is based on a real life incident happened to one of the relatives of director Suseendran. The film will show on screen a different side of Chennai, which has not been highlighted in Tamil cinema so far.



  1. azlina

    whats wit u! >:o marry her!she is the suitable girl.dont listen 2 taanya.furthermore she is white and beautiful.
                                                      by the way u also handsome.
                                                          beautiful couple.
                                                              ~azlina~ :-[

  2. reader

    <span>Karthi said in an interview that he likes her because she has got white skin?? haha </span>
    <span>IF really likes to marry her then he is a PEDOPHILE shez 20 and he is 32 GAWD!!!</span>

  3. shara

    kharthi anna i like u so much
    so plz………………………………………………………. won't marry anyone
    ur sis kind requsted :'(

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