Karthi launches Airtel 3G services

Karthi launches Airtel 3G services
Karthi launches Airtel 3G services

Bharti Airtel launched their 3G services in Chennai and Coimbatore. Karthi being the brand ambassador for the mobile giants was the first customer to receive the 3G services in Chennai.

President of Bharti Airtel Mr. Atul Bindal enlightened everyone on the various services being offered by the company which include video call, live stream videos, high speed internet, mobile TV and video accessibility on social networking sites. Laptop users will be offered 3G dongles while Airtel mobile users can avail of the services from their mobiles.

Bindal also announced, “Today we announce Airtel 3G in namma Chennai and Coimbatore. We are proud to bring the service here in south. With services like mHealth, mCommerce & social networking at greater internet speeds and affordable rates this is the dawn of a new era. Just another reason for all mobile users in Tamil Nadu to join India’s network –Airtel.”

So how many technophiles are heading straight to your nearest Airtel store?

Don’t forget to check out the promo video below:



  1. Vasin

    Unless Karthi shows extraordinary intelligence and skills in acting he cannot be accepted as a first class hero; he just doesn’t have the appearance. 

  2. karthi fan

    He’ll become a superstar wait and see!! He is the one extra ordinary talented fellow.This appearance enough for him.

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