Kareena Kapoor Sony Vaio Vivid Ad Stills and Video

Kareena Kapoor 45 Dress Act
Kareena Kapoor’s latest commercial for a Laptop brand has created ripples.

The actress is seen shedding her clothes in every frame, which then matches to the colour of her laptop.

Kareena Kapoor, Hot Bollywood actress who is the brand ambassador for Sony Vaio has recently completed shooting of her latest ad campaign for Sony Vaio laptops and has changed her clothes 45 times in the television commercial.

Watch Kareena Kapoor with Sony Vaio Vivid Ad

Kareena Kapoor 45 Dress Act

Kareena Kapoor 45 Dress Act

Kareena Kapoor 45 Dress Act

Kareena Kapoor 45 Dress Act

Vivid’ is the latest laptop series of Sony Vaio that was launched at the ITC Grand Central in Mumbai on Tuesday by Kareena, who showed off the laptop and its various new colors to the people and media happily.

The laptops are unique and aptly represented by Kareena as they are also termed as ‘Size Zero’ laptops.

 “‘GO VIVID’ is an expression that transcends simplicity, and highlights the vivacity of life. VIVID is standing-out, it’s being truly bold, refreshing and effervescent and that’s why I see a direct connect with my personality.”

“I think in India, size zero means being slim. Every girl wants to be really slim and I think I am quite slim. India’s size zero is associated with me and I am proud of that.”, Kareena Said.

“The ad was shot by a motion control camera, which is the most difficult to shoot with. It took around 16 hours to finish shooting. I am taking off my clothes and there is the same colour laptop which is inside. I think I changed my clothes around 45 times.
“It was so difficult to shoot that sequence. I had to pick up from one point and make sure that I start again from the same point. I think I walked around 20 km up and down. We finished the shoot at 1 am and I remember the next morning I had a 7 am shift. My legs were tired at the end of the shoot.”  Kareena adds.

Isnt..the Ad the amazing!



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