Kannada film industry imposes 3 year ban on Nikita over Darshan affair

Nikita Darshan affair

Nikita Thukral has said that she is hugely upset by the 3-year ban imposed on her for by Sandalwood, the world of Kannada films. The actress, who debuted in Tamil but is pretty busy with her projects in Kannada films, was accused of being the ‘home-wrecker’ in the case relating to the attack by leading hero Darshan on his wife Vijayalakshmi in Bangalore a few days back.

Darshan, who was arrested by the Police for attacking his wife, complained of breathing trouble while in prison and has been admitted to a hospital where he is under constant monitoring. Vijayalakshmi has since withdrawn her complaint given to the police. The Kannada Film Producers’ Council (KFPC), which met in Bangalore yesterday, decided to impose a 3-year ban on actress Nikita holding her responsible for the turmoil in the family of Darshan.

Commenting about the ban, Nikita said “I have been unnecessarily dragged in to a family feud and maligned. It’s wrong to link me with Darshan. I’ve been in the industry for the past six years and have never been caught in any controversy. I’ve been doing good work in many films and am indebted to the love and affection showered on my by the people of Karnataka.

“Is there any proof to the allegations linking me with Darshan? I’m surprised that Vijayalakshmi has mentioned my name in her complaint to the police. She was on very good terms with me and even discussed with me about my forthcoming projects 3 weeks ago. The Council has erred in imposing the ban on me for no fault of mine. I’m planning to face the ban legally. Why should I fear anyone when I’ve done nothing wrong?” said Nikita.



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    Did he marry her? Cause in the still she is shown wearing a mangalsutra.Perhaps it’s from a movie…..
    Yup,why didn’t they ban Nayan?Ennangada kuzhapureenga???State-uku state nyayam dharmam maarikittu erukku….

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