Kanimozhi releases on Nov 26

Actor Jai

Actor Jai’s is back on  Cloud Nine ! Guess what?  His forthcoming flick Kanimozhi’s release date has been finally announced by the Production house(Amma Creations and Uniq Productions).

It has been officially announced today that the movie will hit the theatres for sure on 26th  November.

Though the producers were planning to release it  by the end of September, they had to postpone it due to the release of Extravaganza Enthiran , which is dominating the box-office collection still, sources say.

All the low budget movies hit the screens towards the back of the Ship resulted in forfeit,  as we all know. The producers of Kanimozhi, being aware of the situation, postponed the release date and eventually have announced the date now.

The Director of the movie, Sripathy rangasamy, the former assistant director of  Venkat Prabhu is very happy about the out come of the movie.

Shazahn Padamsee, the actress starring opposite to Jai feels excited about being a part of the movie. The actress who made her Debut in Rocket Singh : Salesman of the year(2009), appending Kanimozhi as the second movie  in her Filmography.

She says, “I consider acting in Kanimozhi a great opening. Actor jai is very jovial and its fun to be working with him. I loved working in this project with a youthful team. Director Sripathy Rangasamy was very supportive”

The production team has already started promoting the movie brilliantly with the nice teasers mentioning  the name ‘Kanimozhi’.

Satisfying all the ingredients for a commercial Movie, Kanimozhi, the Romantic-Comedy will be a treat for the Tamil Movie lovers for sure !



  1. Intrest Intrest

    Jai,,,,ur career is in good shape….do concentrate on that…work on good films…and try to do movies with big stars and directors…ana onu heroine kasamusala vilunda…avlodan…

  2. Vasin's Student

    Dei. Avan love panna koodatha? nee enna 1900 la poranthavanga mathri pesera. Love’um girl’um than first. Aprom than career.

  3. Intrest Intrest

    ama nei solradu correct…. love ‘um girlum than first which should be at school n college stage not at profession level…professionku vanda professiona love pananum ila ……profession vera ala love panum….

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