Kanimozhi – a Philosophical romantic film

Kanimozhi is a philosophical romantic film
Jai and Shazahn Padamsee are playing the lead roles in Kanimozhi, which is being produced under Amma Banners.

Producer T Siva and debutant director Sripathi Rangasami, who have named their film after the Chief Minister’s daughter Kanimozhi, utilisied it properly to market their product.

 “Jai is visual communication student. He is always immersed thinking about his future.
This film is a philosophical romantic film. There is no character called Kanimozhi in this film. But if you see the film, than you will understand why this film is titled Kanimozhi. There is no dubbing for this film because there is live recording at the shooting spot.”,  Director Sripathi Rangasami while speaking about this film said.

“Vijay Vasanth is donning an important role in this film. A set resembling forest and stream has been erected at AVM Studios to shoot a song sequence.”, he added.

Chidambaram has handled the camera. Satish Chakravarthy has composed the music.



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