Kanden shot in a virgin location in Kuala Lumpur

The lead pair in Kanden
The lead pair in Kanden

The audio launch of Kanden under Gautham Menon’s audio label Photon Kathaas was a mega event witnessed by many Kollywood heavyweights.

Well now the movie is making news for the choice of locations which have been decided for the flick. We heard that some scenes in the film were shot in Kuala Lumpur on further inquiry director AC Mugil revealed,

“The film has been shot in several locations including the Tanjore Brihadeshwara temple. However a site in Kuala Lumpur caught our fancy. The place spreads out across 20 acres and is alive with structures glowing with light in abundance. Even the trees, birds and animals are displayed in vibrantly with electric lights. Actually it was cinematographer Prashant Misale who informed us about this place, as he came to know about it from one of his close friends.”

The director was also delighted to share the news that this location has never been filmed before, “We headed to this virgin location at 3 A.M. and it really was a thrilling experience.”

One of the songs titled Engey En Idhayam featuring Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj, Reshma was shot here in a period of 3 days. The lyrics have been penned by Thamarai and sung by D.Burn, Krish & Prashanthini.



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