Kanchana Says Kumutham Report on her was false and it was the imagination of the writter

Former actress Kanchana is disturbed by reports that she is living in a pathetic state. Recently, a popular Tamil magazine Kumudam published a report that Kanchana is relying on the prasadam served at a Temple.

In a press release, Kanchana counters all this with deep pain. She has said that the report was based on some hidden motive. The actress clarified that when a reporter approached her for an interview she said that it was not the right time. However, an interview appeared and everything stated in it was based on the reporter’s imagination.

Kanchana, who has acted in several south Indian films including Sivanda Mann and Kadalikka Neramillai, has said that she lives in her own flat and her monetary condition is not as pitiable as it has been reported


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