Kanchana remake rights priced at 2 crore

Raghava Lawrences Kanchana remake bid climbs from 50 Lacs to 2 crores

It can be called the 2011 surprise hit. Well it’s not every day that you get to see a horror comedy leave alone a horror themed flick being enjoyed by the masala favoring masses. Raghava Lawrence’s Kanchana has been raking in the moolah ever since its release on 22nd July 2011.The movie saw Raghava touching upon the theme of witches, eunuchs and a lot of faky bloodshed along with some nicely pinched humor to create a unique concoction being absorbed with a shocking curiosity.

We had earlier told you about Bollywood hunk Salman Khan showing an interest to remake the movie in Bollywood and the calculated amount was a mere Rs.50 lakhs. Things are surely going to change since Kanchana is driving top gear at the box office (both in Tamil and Telugu) and a surprised Raghava seems to have miscalculated his expected revenue loosely. It is learnt that the Kanchana guy has now raised his bar to Rs 2 crore for whosoever wants to acquire it for the Hindi remake market. Moreover he may direct the Hindi version of the flick taking home a heavy briefcase of Rs.4 crore in return.

Well what shall we say Raghava, we never thought Kanchana would turn out to be such a ‘TERRIBLE’ hit. (lol….heheh)



  1. Smile

    I think if they had put a real thirunangai like Vasin, the movie would have really flopped that it would not have been 2 kodi but it would have been theru kodi.

  2. Smile

    Omg…Kanchana is creating waves!Never expected this movie would create so much hype…2 crores!!!Great going….

  3. june

    hey smile that’s not nice..padatha pathum kuda arivu illaiya….transgenders are still people…stop hatin’, your worse than vasin, if that’s possible

  4. Vasin

    Ey june ethuku enniya ilukara ippo? Ennadi aachu onglukellam? I said ‘Smile aniyayom’ because naan avungala thitrathilla but she just like others enniya thittuva; more than once she called me a pervert. 

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