Kamals Viswaroopam to be a technicians delight

Kamal Hassan viswaroopam

Sources close to ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Haasan say that his upcoming film Viswaroopam is all set to become another significant milestone in his illustrious career which has witnessed several records and milestones over the past five decades. The film is being made in typical ‘Hollywood’ style, it is informed.

It may be recalled that Kamal donned as many as 10 roles in Dasavatharam a few years back. The film and Kamal’s various roles came in for high praise not from the local media but from the international film-makers as well. The film went on to collect huge money at the box-office in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Viswaroopam, which is in the making at present, is said to be a milestone film in Kamal’s career on the lines of his earlier films in Nayagan, Apoorva Sagodharargal, Thevar Magan and Dasavatharam. Sources close to the Unit say that Viswaroopam would be the latest in this list as its technical finesse is expected to tough new and dizzying heights.

Like the custom followed in Hollywood, Kamal has printed the script and screenplay of the film Viswaroopam in the form of a book/booklet and has distributed copies of the same to his cinematographer, music director, art director and other technicians so as to let them be aware of the circumstances under which they might be expected to work.

Last heard, Amy Jackson of Madarasapattinam fame is likely to pair up opposite Kamal Haasan in the film.


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