Kamals Controversial song removed from Manmadhan Ambu

Bowing to pressure from Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK), the song ‘Kannodu Kannai Kalandhal’ written and sung by Kamal Haasan himself  has been removed from Manmadhan Ambu.

Kamal's statement stating the removal of song from Manmadhan Ambu
Kamal's press statement stating the removal of song from Manmadhan Ambu

The Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) had alleged that the song, ‘Kannodu Kannai Kalanthal’, speaks much about women’s sexual desires and some lines referring to Hindu Gods Aranganathar and Sri Varalakshmi hurts the sentiments of the  religion.

Click here for the Lyrics of the song

With regard to this notice was issued to Kamal Haasan, Trisha, Udhayanidhi Stalin and KS Ravikumar seeking the removal of the objectionable song from the movie. And also  the HMK staged a demonstration in front of Kamal’s house, protesting against the film and demanding removal of the song from the film last week.

Earlier last sunday, Kamal had made it clear that the song would not be deleted from the film at any cost, while speaking at a promotional event of the movie organised in Kochi“Manmadhan Ambu has been certified by the Censor Board. So there is no question of deleting the particular song from the film,” the Ulaga Nayagan said in the presence of a huge number of fans.

But Putting an end to the controversy, Kamal Hassan has released an official statement announcing the song in controversy would be  removed from the movie considering the interests and claims of so many people involved. In the statement Kamal said “Had this been my own film, I would have gone ahead with the song cleared by the Censor Board with the confidence that it would not hurt religious sentiments. However, this was not one of my productions, but a commercial venture by Red Giant”,. Kamal also claimed that this song, which has become a popular number in FM channels and TV channels already, was not written or included in the movie to hurt anyone intentionally.

Seems Udhayanidhi Stalin doesn’t want any controversies to crop up that could hamper the release of the film.

Protest By Hindhu Makkal Katchi



  1. Bullshit HMK!

    Why the hell you guys interfere in movies, when are lot more things to do in Society. Nothing will change you senseless idiots!!

  2. vinay

    ada dubakoor pasangala ….. 1 rupee rice kedacha intha mathiri velathanda seiveenga ….. poi pulla kuttingala padikka vaingada….

  3. vinay95

    i don noe…but it wasnt in kamal’s hands..its not his fault.
    whatever wordings a song may have..it depends on the person’s thinking towards it.

  4. Kamal Kamasutra hero

    Yes ..Agree that Kamal has written what ever came to his mind or reflects his worst mentality…Check these lines… காம கழிவுகள் கழுவும் வேளையும்கூட நின்றவன் உதவிட வேண்டும் He is teaching to clean the parts after the intercourse…It’s good If he had taught the same to his daughters than to the Public….Or he should act in a Kamasutra film or aids awareness film…These lines might opt for that roles…Not for the family entertainer…If the lines itself shows this much amount of vulgarity, just imagine the Visual how he cud hav done…Definitely the scenes would have been very worst..Thank God…at least the song was removed// Otherwise he would start teaching about cleaning bowels too…

  5. Jaggu

    You can have songs like dady mummy viittilille , kalaynamthan etc… This poem is greater than those crap songs .

  6. velaiyetha HMK

    maananketta pasanga… velai illaina ippadi ethavathu seiya vendiyathu… Viruthagirila captain katchiya  pathiye solli irupan athuku oruthanum bathil pesala.. ithuku mattum vanthuttanga…

  7. Ram

    Yes, I heard the song too.. nothing as like in the comment..

    Vasin Sombu.. ellam thrinjamari pasura..  ‘Kamal’ye remove pannanum cinema’la irnthu’  nuu.. 

    appreciate who has real talent..

  8. Vasin

    Yov Maanga. Intent First Talent Second. Unnaipol Oruvan paarkaliya? Appuram avare discipline illama nadanthukuvaru. Just see the behaviour of Kamal on the day they he and Ravi held the press meet. Kamal oru talented clown. Avar clown’a irntha alright. Serious role panna danger. Onniya maathri thinly conceived aalunga thaan wrong aayiduveenga. Enakonnum aahathu.

  9. Thamizhan

    well said friend!!
    kavithaiye kavithaiya parunga….actually these people minds has those nasty thoughts..

    even thiruvallluvar has written kamathu paal.. no one is against to that…

  10. Thamizhan

    Nee yeppaume ippadi dhana?
    illai ippadi dhan eppavume va??

    Kamal is such a talented person….why shud he be removed…he is one of the asset for our tamil industry..

    romba naala oru doubt……first of all, nee endha orru..ellathukkum controversial comments podreye..adhudhan ketten

  11. Vasin

    Dei Kena

    Thamilar didn’t deserve to win the war. Prabakaran was not a complete leader. Also Thamilar including us have not evolved enough to take on the Indian Central Government and the whole world.

    It is unlikely we will get a real Thamil leader from Jaffna although they are more courageous and serious than us. The problem with them is the their lack of progress. They remain too long at one phase. Look at their food; it is stagnent for centuries. Look at their woman; still they have failed to develop a good shape. Look at their men speaking Thamil or English; they would get into long sentences and then struggle. Look at the plurality; almost all of them seem to think the same way.
    Look at the video clips of their last major London demonstration; it is an ugly sight. Tell me; How would the world support them?

    However we will not give up. Let us get ourselves right. We don’t have enough shelter in Thamil Naadu to rest well in the night to go for the kill tomorrow morning with energy. Heat & Mosquito. We haven’t got a leader to solve this very fundamental problem. If you don’t sleep how can you work hard?  

  12. Vasin

    Unnaipol Oruvan paarkaliya? Intent first Talent second. Direction first Work second. Kamal is dishonest, malicious and lacks Real Depth to set direction. Hey in Thamil actors are like models; they influence thinking and action heavily. Enna Thamizhan? Thamilan.

  13. ha

    dai vasin…… If u quote an instance to explain the behaviour of kamal, there is a lot of instances related to every other actors which will prove them worser than kamal…. Then u cannot accept any of them as actors of tamil industry……. Still best among the worst will be Kamal and he is very open… Then i don’t understand the meaning of vulgarism…… If one watch something with his family, there should not be anything (18+) [irritated when such a scene comes] and the same person wishes to have everything (18+) when he watches alone [ignited when such a scene comes……

  14. Vasin

    I am sorry; I feel remorseful for I talk badly about a legendary actor but I can’t stop it; he is a bad example of a man.

  15. Vasin

    Yaaru sonna Kamal’ku talent illanu. It is his mind that is a corrupted one. Thamil munnani hero ellarume Kamal’a vida nerthiya (not necessarily intelligent’a) nadanthukuvanga private life’la and public occassions’la. Kamal oru intelligent selfish indecent korangu.

  16. suren

    Dai panni naai Vasin oda oda vailla irudu nalla varthayea vaarada? Nalla nal onnu parthu setthu po pundayanndi =-X

  17. suren

    I think India people doesn’t have good sence of movie they like only kutthu song and fling fights one man beat 100 people which is impossible,nalla padatha rasika terrigi kugada 😎

  18. Renganathan E N

    Fantastic observation!

    I want to know if Kamal like Pseudo rationalists have the guts to portray a Muslim or Christian sentiments in this light. I Bet they dont. Spineless people clinging on to the right political crowd

  19. Ranga

    You want to get it up? I want to shake it up? — Anniyan/Remo song. Adha vida va? Is that enough or you want more? Dilamo Dilamo song: Kadal Oosi Podanum Jettu Vegathil … Endhiran: Aayiram kadal seivom oru nodiyil vaa (something like that). What about all that? Kamal is an eccentric crack head … no doubts about it. He struggles to consumate his intelligence on screen in an acceptable and sellable manner. But these lyrics that he has written is no different from earlier vulgar ones that are well known and accepted in Tamil cinema.

  20. Tamilan

    Relax everywun…tamil ppl always fight each other..kamal is a great actor…but i have a feelin his songs are little against  hindu tamils and sri lankan tamils..his MA movie was against sri lankan tamil…haha he waas makin fun of  eelam tamils,,sayin dey will be slipper to trisha nd dat dey drivee taxis nd dat dey wanna act but cant act

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