Kamal returns to Chennai after a global sojourn


If Rajini had been in Singapore and returned to Chennai only a few days back, his contemporary and close friend actor Kamal Haasan too wasn’t in Chennai all these days. In fact, Kamal Haasan returned to Chennai only yesterday after a whirlwind tour of many countries across the globe to decide on the locations to hold the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Viswaroopam’.

The location(s) for shooting is first decided and the crew or director visits the place to drum up the requisite number of manpower at that particular place. Trend has, however, undergone a sea-change in the past few years. Producers and directors increasingly follow the trend of visiting the location where they plan to shoot to find out whether the place ‘matches’ their requirement.

Nowadays, the expense for this trip to ‘check’ the location is drawn up separately by the producers. Kamal’s tour was one such trip where he went around many countries to locate suitable locations for the film’s shooting to commence. The film, which is likely to be shot in locations where there no Tamil film crew has ever shot, is likely to be produced at a whopping budget of Rs.100 crores.

The film is to be directed by Kamal Haasan himself. The first schedule of the shooting, which will commence next month, is likely to last 45 days and will be held in Canada and U.S. All other details have been finalized. The only thing which remains to be finalized is the heroine of the film. Readers might recall that Bollywood’s Sonakshi Sinha walked out of the film last month saying that her call-sheet dates had been ‘wasted’ as the film’s crew hadn’t yet started shooting for the film.


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