Mayilsamy cooks for Kamal

Kamal Haasan’s favourite fish curry

Mayilsamy cooks for Kamal

The whole world knows that though born in an orthodox Brahmin family, ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Haasan is neither atheist nor one who keeps away from non-vegetarian food-items. In fact, in almost all his films, there would be at least one sequence showing him to be relishing and having a go all those non-vegetarian items.

Whenever Kamal wants to have home-made fish-curry, he invariably turns to comedian Mayilsamy. Fish curry is said to one of Kamal’s most favourite dishes. When Kamal sends for Mayilsamy, the comedian would immediately approach his wife who would make the delicious, mouth-watering fish curry at home and send it through a messenger to wherever Kamal is shooting in Chennai.

Kamal is said to have taken a particular liking to the fish curry made by Mrs. Mayilsamy not using pressure cooker but by a mud utensil. In the olden days, the mud utensil was widely used to make these items. Yet, even in the age of pressure cooker, Kamal is extremely fond of fish curry made in mud utensil, that too by Mrs. Mayilsamy.

The habit is said to be with Kamal for the past many years!



  1. black

    does the writer of this post knows whats the meaning of “neither atheist nor one who keeps away from non-vegetarian food-items”? only the 2nd half is correct..
    it means kamal is not an atheist.. but it is a known fact that he is an atheist, “one who denies or disbelieves the existence of God”..

    when using the word “neither” u have to be careful sir..

  2. not my name

    Another blunder. Fish is a delicate item to cook. Nobody cooks fish in pressure cooker for heavens sake. It is not a tough protein like mutton. Any fish for that matter made into a curry will take max of 15 minutes.

  3. David billa

    dei  potte naaye if its a mistake better to point out so that it wont be repeated.TAmilans cannot go far bcoz of mona nayi like u.

  4. black

    @Soola Karuppan – david billa is scolding u only.. haha.. “dont worry abt grammar”? then worry abt wat?

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