Kamal Haasan Helps HIV Children

Kamal Haasan heads campaign to support HIV children
Kamal Haasan heads campaign to support HIV children

Kamal Haasan has  always been eager to help the needy. He has yet again come forward to support a social cause: this time he came forward in showing interest to support ‘Pettralthaan Pillaya’ a campaign launched by an NGO with a noble cause that supports children who are affected by the HIV virus.

The NGO goes by the name of PSI , Population Services International and have been involved with campaigns for family planning, population control, HIV and AIDS.

Reportedly he is known to have contributed a sum of Rs 7.5 lakhs to the concerned NGO which would aid in carrying out their operations more swiftly.

Mr. Kamal also took out time from his busy schedule enjoyed interacting with the HIV affected children and urged his co-actors Madhavan and Trisha to add to the cause and support the needy children to which they also agreed.

Manmadhan Ambu stars have given recorded messages and interviews asking people to support these children, to donate at least Rs 750, to join hands, form groups and raise funds.

The recorded clippings of the actors is being  aired onHello FM  channel from last week.

Talking about her involvement in the campaign, actress Trisha remarked ‘‘it feels good when we reach and help others”.

We hope Kamal’s light keeps shining on the neglected and with time more people come forward and join the cause.



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    lo. kamal is trying to be better than rajini. trying to help needy, want make a big success for your movie. his not doing this help fully from his heart, only about 70%

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