Kamal Haasan detained

Kamal Haasan detained in Canadian airport

Kamal Haasan detained

Due to the ‘Khan’ in his name, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was recently detained at an Airport in U.S. for more than a couple of hours despite him telling the authorities that he was not a ‘terrorist’ but a leading Bollywood star from India. Our own Kamal Haasan has now revealed that he has faced such situations several times in the past in U.S. but never thought of revealing it to the press.

“I have faced such situations before but didn’t reveal them. In fact, I’m even considering changing my name as Qamal Haasan,” remarked Kamal in a lighter vein. When asked to comment on the ordeal SRK was put to, Kamal said, “Even I’m looked at with suspicision by them…it’s not an odd thing. Why should we lose sleep over this? The pronunciation of my name appears as if I’m a Muslim and whenever I’d go to U.S., I had also faced the similar kind of situation that SRK fced.

“I was detained at a Canadian airport recently for more than 30 minutes where I was ‘interrogated’ with so many questions put to me. I remained unfazed and patiently replied to them. My father might have visualized these problems when he named me as ‘Kamal Haasan’ when I was born. I don’t know how I got this name while my brothers have ‘non-controversial’ names such as Chandra Haasan and Charu Haasan.

“I intend changing my name by changing the opening letter from ‘K’ to ‘Q’ and would surely appreciate whatever problems which might arise due to that change. Ever since the twin-towers were attacked by aircraft, the Americans have become over-cautious which is only a natural thing. We should first restrain ourselves from expressing an opinion in such matters the moment we hear about them,”said Kamal Haasan.


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