Kamal: Filmmakers shouldn’t crave for the Oscar

Kamal Haasan
Kamal Haasan

It is the first time Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), a two-day entertainment and business conclave, event took place in Hyderabad on December 1.

The event was alaso attended by actor Kamal Haasan.We had a talk with him as he told us more about the issues the industry is facing and his vision for Indian cinema.

Read on, to know more about it.

So Mr. Kamal since taxes have been a hot topic at this meting what is your take on the issue?

“FICCI has been working since decades, bringing ‘industry’ status to the entertainment sector. Several state governments have slashed entertainment taxes on our request. If the entertainment tax is legislated without a few modifications and revisions, there could be a ` 5,000 crores black market in show business in the country and many might stop making movies. Governments shouldn’t control ticket prices in theatres. Let us give exhibitors the freedom to decide the prices.”

Do you think we will win more Oscars in the days to come?

“Indian filmmakers shouldn’t crave for the Oscar. We have to improve the quality of cinema have to create a higher standard than the Oscar Awards. I hope to see a day when Hollywood movie makers take pride in winning an Indian award,” he explains.

Well said.

What do you think can improve the qualities of our movies?

“Every profession has training schools. Even actors and technicians should have their schools. Film schools will familiarize aspiring actors and technicians with the demands of the industry before they start working. This will enhance the quality of cinema,”

At a time when film pundits are urging filmmakers to reduce filmmaking budgets, big stars like Rajinikanth are part of huge budget films. What does he have to say about that?

Recently Endhiran movie has done really well, it was made on a huge budget, does this add to the success of the film?

“Endhiran” is successful not because of the content, but due to the marketing strategy and of course. Rajini is a saleable star. Huge-budget films are good as long as they have solid content,”

Producers often say superstars charge very huge amounts, and some have even suggested that they should cut down their pay a bit, what do you have to say?

“I will reduce my remuneration if I am assured that I’ll get pension after retirement. We are paid the fee in tandem with market. If we don’t earn that kind of revenue, will producers pay us such remuneration?” he reasons.

You have always pushed their limits in performing versatile roles and in your upcoming movie you have actively participated in the songwriting process, what keeps you going?

“I have a lot of dream roles and will continue to do something different. My urge to do versatile roles is a continuous process. If the script is exciting, I might even do a Telugu film,”

We are sure people from the Telugu industry will be ringing your phone in a few minute

He laughs

Thank you Mr. Kamal for your time, we wish your movie success and hope Indian movies reach great heights in the coming times.



  1. Kamal Fan

    Dey Fina Judgement, Copy is in everything..Without copy can u work with your originality..Ur working envi. is copy of something…Everything in this world is copy of some of the existing..We will get appreciated only when we project it different and satisfying for the viewers..Thats what 99.99 % of the film maker does. Learn the basics first before u comment..Show me one original pure movie (Am sure It will have resemblance definetly in 1940’s or 1950’s who knows)..But how u project to the audience as the new that matters a lot. First learn to appreciate what he has done for the industry.

  2. Vasin

    Yes Mate. Read it. Disgusting. Ban Kamal from acting. He is a Disgrace.

    Aana pothuva namba Indians ellarume dishonest thaan. West is Frank. That is why they are better than us in everythiing. Maths, Science, Arts, Films, Business, War, Love Making ……… Ellathlume. Honest’a irntha than veeram varum. Vetriku adipadai mothalla veeram. Aprom than vivegam. Engaluku honesty illathathala veeram illa.

  3. Vasin

    Mela evlau arrogant’a pesi irkan paaru! Ivruku Pension kekuthu. Kamla oru arakora.

    Schooling Arakora
    English Arakora
    Alagana Lovers youthla ???
    Marriage Life Arakora
    Acting OK but not perfect
    Dance Arakora
    Body Arakora
    Effort Good
    Intelligence 3/4
    Periya Manasu Arakora

  4. Vasin

    Deepavali anniku humble’a pesinan. Mela arrogant’a pesirukan. Ivna nambave mudythu. Ennathan duplicate vechu fight poatalum Rajnik arrogant’a pesa maatan. Muttal Kamal’a ban pannungada!

  5. Fiinal judgement

    unnai maari ara kura irukara varai avrar irupar.

    copy pannu thappu illa,

    enga irundhu edhuthanu sollitu copy pannu, arivu jeevi maari image create pannadha……………….
    credits kodu to the original work.

    Un baasaiyilae solraen, Anbae sivam padthula oru scene varum …. santhana barathy telling to naasar about the painting…. Exactly He is doing the whole movie like that , cut copy paste ,but forget to express the credit to the original person..

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