Kamal Haasan denies Cannibal movie remake

Kamal denies Vishwaroopam is remake of Hollywood’s Cannibal

Kamal Haasan denies Cannibal movie remake

Kamal Haasan believes in letting his work do the talking and doesn’t often interact with the media thanks to his busy schedule. Moreover, he avoids meeting press-persons when he is in the middle of a project so as not to reveal anything about the character he plays in the particular film. For the first time since he launched his Vishwaroopam more than three months back, he has opened up about the film.

Kamal has spoken about the making of the film to a Mumbai-based magazine. The actor is not only directing the film but has also taken up the additional responsibility of producing it as the original producer recently opted out of the film. Kamal has answered queries about what sort of a film it would be and whether it’s a remake of a Hollywood film.

“I like to concentrate on only one film at a time. Only then would I be able to devote all my attention and energy to the film and to the character I play in it. If my film doesn’t start on the specified date(s) and my call-sheet dates are wasted, it would add to my responsibility. At times, as it has happened in the case of Viswaroopam, I might have to take over the making of the film.

“I want to do a lot but am unable to do so due to paucity of time. Each birthday of mine reminds me that time is ticking by…I’d like it if the birthday occurs once in 5 years instead of being an annual affair. Contrary to what has been referred to by some press reports, Vishwaroopam is not the Tamil remake of the Hollywood hit film Cannibal. The film has an interesting script.

“The script has taken the film to countries like America, England and Jordan besides various parts of our country. As you’re aware, this is my first directorial venture after Hey Ram and I’m making Viswaroopam as a bilingual in Tamil and Hindi,” concludes Kamal Haasan. Pooja Kumar, based in U.S., has been paired opposite Kamal Haasan in the film.



  1. Mike

    This will be a flop as well, Just like Hey Ram. Cos Kamal makes movies for himself only. Not for audiences. So it will not click.

  2. Smile

    onnu heroine maarudhu illai producer maarudhu illai intha mathiri remake adhu edhu nu news varudhu.padam shooting start panunga illati indha project ah drop pannidunga…

  3. suresh

    is this interview true?????

    Virumaandi ws Kamal’s last directorial venture (as per books, otherwise he directed Dasavatharam & Manmadhan Ambu also)….

  4. rs suman

    to all viewer…dr kamal are world kind geneus…so news for all hey ram movie are awarded in australia…movie industry…he only in india…make an wonderfull acting…cn anyone compare wit this rockstar… u want kollywood?bollywood?moolywood?hollywood?…hmm the only true….actor….forever….

  5. AppuRani

    This film has too much negative vibes around it. So it won’t be success.

    Scandals can only bring flash headlines and front page coverage. The box office is ruthless. I don’t understand why Kamal sir could not make films that all people from all religions and castes could sit together and enjoy. I used to be his fan. Not anymore.

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