Kamal and Shankar together

Kamal and Shankar together

Kamal Haasan’s upcoming movie with Selvaraghavan is grabbing all the attention as of late.Earlier Kamal was seen hitting the gym to shape up for a role hinted to have some gray shades of a cannibal.Later it was the very young Sonakshi Sinha committing herself to the project that spiced up matters further.

The latest is that Shankar from the Shankar,Ehsaan,Loy trio will lend his mellifluous voice scoring some foot tapping tunes with his mates. Shankar has worked with Kamal earlier in Ulaganayagan’s double role offering Aalavandhan. The Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio are hot property in Bollywood and with Kamal eying Bollywood grounds he has clicked upon just the right men do get his job done in style.

The Kamal-Selva project is expected to kick off on the last week of March or earliest by April first week and fans can be rest assured that the product would be superior in matters relating to script writing as both Kamal and Selva are champion players in their own rights when it comes to keep the lines rolling.

‘A Bollywood heroine dancing to some wonderful tunes with a Bollywood tinge.’ That should seal the deal for Kamal’s ‘double woody’ thirst.



  1. Guna

    Kamal had introduced many of the North Indian Music Directors in his earlier movies and none of them were impressive. Their music doesnt suit the audience from the South. Generally I have a feeling that Kamal doesnt give importance to songs and music in his movies. He is proving it yet again. It is going to be a costly mistake. 

  2. Urvashi

    Remember Aalavandan? Selva Raghavan is the captain of the ship who should decide on his technicians. Kamal should stay away from decision making. Selva and Yuvan combination had been more successful upto 7G Rainbow Colony.

    Both Selva and Kamal are moody characters. Hope, they can work together. Gautam is the only new-age film maker to have handled Kamal without issues.

    If Kamal can stick to his job, “acting” – this could be another quality content from Selva. Knowing is not everything but contexting is all about filmmaking. Kamal might know A-Z or Z-A of filmmaking, however connecting to current generation is possible if only he belongs there. Contextual filmmaking is what Kamal should understand.

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