Thuppakki vs Kalla Thuppakki

Kallathuppaki producer receives death threat from Vijay fans

Thuppakki vs Kalla Thuppakki

Kallathuppaki producer Mr Ravithevan has got himself in deep trouble. He had filed a case against the makers of Vijay’s Thuppaki, accusing them of using a similar title and a strikingly similar logo for Thuppaki. Though the producer’s council doen’t allow similar titles to be registered, Thuppaki still got registered without any hassles.

Kallathuppaki producer Mr Ravithevan has been renewing his title with the council every year but still the council people registered the name Thuppaki after an already registered Kallathuppaki. Reacting to it Ravithevan openly stated “It was just because Vijay’s father SAC is an office bearer in Producer’s council” that such a thing happened in first place. The case filed against Thuppaki has been hanging, waiting a decision from the court and Vijay fans can’t take it anymore. Reportedly more than 150 calls were personally received by Kallathuppaki Ravithevan, all threatening him to drop the case. The producer has now filed another complaint requesting police protection. “They are threatening to kill me and my family”, says a horrified Ravithevan. The disputed case between Thuppaki and Kallathuppaki will only be taken up by September 10th .



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