Kalavani Vimal Secretly marries Akshaya at Kumbakonam

Vimal's secret marriage
Vimal's secret marriage

Little Would we have guessed  Kalavani Vimal,  will carry out his wedding in real life in more or less similar  fashion to the one that he enacted in his latest hit ‘Kalavani’.

Vimal who has had  two back-to-back hits ‘Pasanga’ and ‘Kalavani’ was forced to secretly marry his sweetheart Akshaya alias Priyadarshini at a simple ceremony in the Swamimalai Temple in Kumbakonam on December 12 this year.

According to Vimal, Akshaya is a medical student, pursuing her course in a private college in Chennai and the duo were in love for the past 1 1/2 years. However, her parents allegedly opposed the affair, saying they were not interested in their daughter marrying an actor.

Following this, Akshaya left for Kumbakonam, where Vimal was shooting for the film ‘Ethan’. From there, they went to Swamimalai Murugan temple and tied the knot.

Says Vimal, “The wedding took place on December 12 and we took the decision to get married only three days before the wedding date. The reason why we got married in such a hurry was because her parents had intensified their search for a bridegroom for her. Also, the Tamil month of Karthigai came to an end on December 14. We wanted our wedding to take place in Karthigai and not in Margazhi.”

The actor also said that the parents have been informed and the wedding reception will be held in Chennai soon after the issues between both the families are sorted out.

Kollytalk wishes Vimal and Akshaya a happy married life.



  1. Anonymous

    Bale aaluppa..Indha Vimal..

    Paarkka Oomai maadhiri irundhikkittu Enna Velai panni irukkan…

    Any way all the best…

  2. Vasin

    Enga parents ethuku innum ipdi irkanga? Thangaloda ponnu doctor’a irkanum’nu expect panrathu thappilla. Thangaloda maaple doctor’a irkanumnu nenecha kooda thappila. Athukaga ponnu love’a kolra alavuka poavanga. Crazy.

  3. usha

    sorry to say this.. few years back i would have congratulated vimal and his wife.. but now after being a mother, i feel that he and his wife should have tried to convince her parents before taking a hasty decision.. hopefully both their parents accept them whole-heartedly and bless them.. we cant succeed in life without parents’ wishes.. god bless them..

  4. Vasin

    Hi Usha

    Love panny ponnu onna jaikarathe oru periya challenge. Atha saathicha pinnadi she will put us through further testing; athila pass pannanum. Love panna start pannodanaye academic/professional side’la problems aarambichdum; atha paarthukanum. Neenga innona add pannareenga; parents’a convince pannanum. Neenga paarunga ongala maathri tough aalunga majority aana kadesila pasanga intha love Marriage ellam sari varaathu pesama one night stands ke poidalamnu neneka poaranga.

  5. G

    Dei vasin;

    Usha expressed her view based on her personal experience, adhuku poi nee class edukra, idhula edhuku da one night stand lam ezhudra? 

    Un mentality maari ellarumnu nenaikadhae.

  6. Vasin

    Ennathu Class’a?

    Personal experience personal’a irnthirukalame. Kollytalk’la ava atha sonna comment pannarathila enna thappu? One Night Stands’a naan’a kandupidichen? Naan eathum irrelevant’a sollaliye!

  7. omg!

    true “indian parents” are like that mainly gulutys NAIDUS!! they are evil. they make the groom leave his wife even after they tied the knot and have a child.

  8. Attention! Be careful!

    vasin oru 9 (Aravaani) and also mentally disorder aravaani. vasin nee already ultimatetamil website la otha mutta vangitu ponathu nyabagam illaya.. intha vasin pala name la website la vanthu irukku like kavya, Jasmine etc etc….. unakku mathavanga podra comment la appadi enna gandu. unna vida nalla comment podranganu eriyutha. inimae ellathayum pothikittu iru…potha mudilana..un kuda irukura vera oru arvaaniya potha sollu baadu… unnala matha aravaanikum ketta peru…

  9. Vasin

    Athoda 25 vayasila oru policy 30 vayasila ennoru ploicy na nallava irku? Opportunistic’a illa? But usha I think is honest so her comments’a eppavume padikanum pola irku.

  10. Vasin

    Athoda 25 vayasila oru policy 30 vayasila ennoru ploicy na nallava irku? Opportunistic’a illa? But usha I think is honest so her comments’la natural attraction onnu irku.

  11. asdf

    vasin, ur tanglish kinda sucks compared to other people,  it’s hard to read a whole paragraph that is written bad. either write in english, or learn to write in tanglish, and the shorter, the better. just stating my opinion..

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