Kajal volunteers to promote a brand of Tollywood director’s wife!


The good Samaritan that she has always been, the bubbly and the picture-perfect Kajal Aggarwal has come forward voluntarily to promote a milk brand of wife of a Tollywood director!

Kajal, the 30-something actress who is still one of the most sought-after actresses by film-makers in Kollywood and Tollywood, has built up a reputation of being a very ‘patient actress’ who would go to any length in satisfying the call-sheet needs of film-makers and heroes.

The curvaceous actress, who possesses and maintains a mind-boggling hourglass figure, has gone ahead and voluntarily offered to promote healthy food products to be launched by Tollywood film director Seenu Vaila’s wife and friend Roopa. To begin with, Roopa is to launch ‘Vedic’ brand of milk to consumers in Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and elsewhere.

Despite her busy shooting schedule starring in Tamil and Telugu films, Kajal Aggarwal has voluntarily starred in an advertisement endorsing the milk brand!

Can’t help lauding her magnanimity!


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