Kajal Agarwal Hot

Kajal Aggarwal tries her hand at business

Kajal Agarwal Hot

Today’s actresses are extra-smart unlike their contemporaries of the by-gone era. Earlier, actresses did only one thing which was to act in films. When their turn as leading actress was over, most of those leading actresses of yesteryear either found it very difficult to save money for the future or went bankrupt due to over-spending and increasing costs of livelihood.

These days, more and more highly educated actresses are entering the film industry in a big way and as such, they have the tendency to think well in advance and save enough for the future to last their lifetime. Kajal Aggarwal, one of the leading actresses in both Tamil and Telugu films, is one such actress who puts her gray matter to best use when it comes to saving and investing money for the future.

Kajal Aggarwal simply thrilled to bits about the success of her latest Telugu release The Businessman opposite Mahesh Babu. The film, which has the actress sizzling in saree in song sequences, reportedly features a hot lip-lock between the lead pair, which is first such on-screen smooch for both of them. The smart actress realizes that she won’t be playing heroine for entire life time and that she should act fast to secure a safe future,

Sources say that the slim and svelte actress has decided to turn a restaurateur soon and would soon be launching a restaurant. At the most, the life-span of an actress as a top heroine would last a maximum of upto ten years after which she is relegated to doing sundry roles of that of a sister, sister-in-law or even mother. Realizing this, Kajal is said to be toying with the ideal of opening a restaurant either in Hyderabad or in Mumbai.

She is extremely busy with a couple of big projects in Tamil. She plays Vijay’s heroine in A.R. Murugadoss’ next directorial venture titled Thuppakki and plays Suriya’s heroine in K.V. Anand’s mega-project Maatraan. If both the films click, Kajal might feel her way to the top in Tamil films in no time!


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