Kajal Agarwal promotes sister Nisha Agarwal

Nisha Agarwal - Kajal Agarwal
Nisha Agarwal - Kajal Agarwal

Now that she has finally managed to carve a place for herself as an established actress, Kajal Agarwal is making her best efforts to help her younger sibling Nisha Agarwal getting offers in films as heroine. Kajal, last seen in Tamil films in ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ opposite Karthi late last year, is one of the frontline actresses in Tollywood thanks to the super-duper, record-breaking hit ‘Magadheera’.

In Tamil, though, she hasn’t been committing herself to lot of films. The clever girl passes on the film offers she gets but is unable to commit herself to, to her sister Nisha, who debuted as heroine in Telugu film ‘Emaindi ee Vela’ last year. The educated Nisha is a hotel management student who was working for a leading hotel in Mumbai when she left her job to try her luck in Tollywood.

Nisha admits that without sounding clichéd, her elder sister Kajal was one of her ‘favourite actresses’. “She guides me into choosing the scripts but doesn’t dominate me and take decision on my behalf. She gives ample space in our relationship and that’s why, touchwood, we have been more like friends than sisters”, says Nisha.

Comparisons with Kajal, though obvious, amuse her. “I’m quite often told that I smile like Kajal and dance like her. It’s not something that I have planned, you see. I can neither take the credit nor be blamed for it,” says a smiling Nisha and reveals that her debut in Tamil films is ‘very much on the cards’ and might occur in the near future.



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