Kajal Agarwal looking for Mr Right

Kajal Agarwal looking for Mr Right

Kajal Agarwal has said that she doesn’t have any time to ‘fall in love’ with anyone. At the same time, she has also said that she won’t hesitate to marry if she comes across her ‘Mr. Right’.

Kajal is a name to reckon with in Tamil and Telugu film industries. The girl has had her fair share of controversies and has somehow wriggled herself out of it. She is quite happy to have forayed into Bollywood as Ajay Devgn’s heroine in the lastest Hindi film ‘Singham’, a remake of the Suriya-Anushka starrer ‘Singam’. The film’s showing has encouraged Kajal to widen her horizons further.

Speaking to newsmen in Hyderabad recently, she said “I’m quite happy at the way Singham has been received by the public. Trade sources say the film has been doing rather well. As far as my films are concerned, I always prefer films which offer me some scope to act. I do my job sincerely and don’t bother about whether the particular film would become a hit or miss.

“I don’t believe in the love-at-first-sight syndrome. There can be plenty of reasons for two souls to fall in love with each other; there has to be a proper understanding between them. Both should be aware of the others’ aspirations and ambitions and should get to know each other well. Only then the romance would flourish, I feel. At present, I don’t have any time at all time fall in love with anyone.

“Still, If I come across the person who I feel would be suitable to me in every respect, I’d go ahead and marry him immediately at any cost,” concludes Kajal.



  1. Vasin

    Love ku time iilya? Love at first sight thappa? Romance flourishes after understanding a? Mr Right a? Neenga enna loosa?

  2. Smile

    That is so sensible of Kajal.Instead of flirting and dating,she is willing to marry right away once she finds her Mr.Right.Panniyum naayumdhan oor meiyum.Adhunga dhan yevan kooptalum pogum.Namma ooru ponnuku adhu azhagu illai.Way to go Kajal!

  3. Smile

    Illai…You are mad,not I.I didn’t say Love is wrong or bad but it should be appropriate.If a girl truly loves a girl,she will only get intimate with him after the holy vows.These “use-and-throw” mentality girls are the ones who flirt and date with any and everyone.Like pannis and naayis.Glad that Kajal is not that type of a girl.She has class.

  4. june

    she didn’t say hang out with a grenade at hand..she said mutually understand eachother but don’t start sucking on each others faces….only start thinking abt getting physical after you are sure your gonna spend your life with them

  5. Vasin

    Enna pesareenga rendu perum? If you don’t have at least some light sexual action how would you know about your partners capabilities?

  6. Smile

    @Vasin…For eg.You go to a store to get a bottle of water.Before you drink,you have to pay for it right??Can u drink it without paying?That’s the idea of marriage.If there is true love between the couple,they will somehow survive in their relationship.No need to know any capabilities.There is more to life than just S!!

  7. Vasin

    Sari Apdina one must have all his desires experimented before the marriage with other partners nu solreengala? For boys it burns… you know. I think it is same for girls too. Illiya?

  8. Smile

    No i didn’t say that.One should experiment with his/her partner after marriage-nu sonnean.I am against pre-marital affairs.

  9. Vasin

    Nillu Nillu…..Sex adjust pannanum….aana height adjust pannika maate(Your Kamal Anushka Viswaroopam comment)….bayangarama conflict aagarathu….sexual match not so important…aana mathavanga paarkarathuku boy must be taller….Smile enna solre…Onnum thappa nenechu enniya marupadiyum mattama treat panna aarambichdatha…since you say very orthodox things I just want to know to the extent you have thought through them. 

  10. Smile

    Kadavule…theriyathanama Kollytalk pakkam vandhuttean.Eppadi oru character erukkumnu therinjirundha,naan cinema news pakkam en thalai and kaalai vechirukave mattean.

    Yes.Both statements were said by me.In a marriage,the husband should be taller than his wife so that it looks good.When looking for an alliance,parents will look into these stuff.But S.. is different.Parents cannot ask their kids to sleep around with their prospective groom/bride to check their “performance” level.Paiyan/Ponnu porutham eppadi,padichirukangala,gunam eppadi,velai seirangala etc…edhellam parkalam.Paiyan aambalaiya illai ponnala kozhandhai pethuka mudiyumanu evanum kalyanathuku munnadi kekka mattan.Only after marriage you can know.It’s fate.Suppose if S.. life is a failure but the husband is loving and understanding,the wife has to adjust.Same with the husband.

  11. Vasin

    Hey, Marupadiyum enniya attack pannikitte thaan start pannikareenga!

    Ethuku ippo parents a kodutu vareenga. Matter a wututu engeyo poreenga. Namba culture a solren naanu. Sexual match imporatnt illa aana height mugyom..doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Mathhathu ennonu theriyuma ongluku. Forget sex. If you don’t live with someone in a same place it will be difficult to understand him/her. Gunam. Atha arinjukarathuku kuda you have to stay together. Apdiyellama ellathkum ‘adjustment’ than medication na ethuku maaple pombale lover thedureenga?  

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