Kajal Agarwal hopes to become the No.1 heroine in Kollywood

Kajal Agarwal wants to achieve top position

Actress Kajal Aggarwal has expressed her desired to reach the top slot in Kollywood. The actress, who is among the top heroines in Tollywood along with the likes of Ileana and Anushka, has only a few Tamil films to her credit in ‘Pazhani’, ‘Bommalattam’, ‘Modhi Vilaiyaadu’ and ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’. Her Telugu superhit film ‘Magadheera’ was recently dubbed and released in Tamil as ‘Maaveeran’.

Incidentally, both Ileana and Kajal Aggarwal appear to be making it big in Tamil films. While Ileana makes a comeback in Tamil as Vijay’s heroine in Shankar’s ‘Nanban’, Kajal plays the lead role opposite Suriya in his next mega-project titled ‘Maatraan’ to be directed by K.V. Anand.

Kajal would have to stave off competition from Anushka, who is more regular in Tamil films, and Ileana to sustain her position in Kollywood. Anushka, who has had back-to-back hits in ‘Vaanam’ and ‘Deiva Thirumagal’, is easily the leader of the pack now. Kajal’s ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ did very well last year and she also had her ‘Singham’ in Hindi releasing recently.

She got into a controversy recently when she said that she didn’t want to be ‘identified’ as a ‘South Indian actress’. A huge row erupted in Telugu and Tamil films with many calling for ‘banning’ her from the industry; the situation didn’t turn ugly as Kajal promptly issued a denial saying that she had only been ‘quoted out of context’.

It now appears that she has reconciled to herself that she could make it big only in Tamil or Telugu films and not in Bollywood. Shouldn’t she be shitting her place of residence from Hyderabad to Chennai if she wants to be counted among the top heroines here?



  1. Vasin

    She is good for photos but for action she moves and walks in an odd way so not sexy; we imagine a woman how good she is going to be on by the way she walks, moves and how confidently she exposes her; she has no energy no confidence.  Pattikaadus like june don’t understand acting second the person first.

  2. Vasin

    Acting Second Person First. Kajal is not energetic so won’t be good at bed. Actors are model for societies so they must be very good; they provide direction for the societies. Now Thamil actress should be confident to expose her; she should be confident even her private parts would look good; she would look great on beach or wedding. A Thamil actress must be agile like Genelia; we imagine girlls’ potential by their agility. Girls like june attempt to hide under the cover provided by the stupid Indian culture.

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