Kaavalan US theatre list

Kaavalan Release Poster
Kaavalan Release Poster

Vijay has emerged victorious finally. His current offering Kaavalan has opened to impatient fans today i.e. January 15th who were awaiting the release of the movie which was scheduled for January 14th.Now after heated discussions, agreements, negotiations between producers and distributors the movie is running in theaters in Tamil Nadu and other parts of the world on Pongal Day.

Vijay felt that the release of the movie was a matter of personal prestige and he took things in his hands by paying a sum 4.5 crores to make the movie available for release.

Due to the confusion of the release date the movie has now suffered in grabbing fewer theaters outside Chennai.

Here is the list of theaters where the movie will be screened.Check out www.bigcinemas.com for other theaters near you:

Big Cinemas Towne 3, San Jose, CA
Big Cinemas Movie City, NJ
Big Cinemas Columbia Park, NJ
Big Cinemas PeachTree, Atlanta
Big Cinemas Golfglenn, Chicago
Big Cinemas Loehmann’s Virginia

are some noteable screen with confirmed show, in most other parts of the country the planned release has been cancelled following the confusions.



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  3. sundar

    this is Honest rEVIEW…Kaavalan is Good…viJAY HAS BROKE HIS pREVIOUS FORMULAS AND SHINED IN THIS FILM…HE IS BACK TO HIS OWN PATH….gOOD ACTING …ITS A WONDERFUL LOVE STORY WITH COMEDY…THE CLIMAX IS UNEXPECTED AND THE CLIMAX TWIST AND THE ARTISTS DONE SO GOOD IN CLIMAX….ALL THE BEST mR. VIJAY….CONTINUE THE SAME AND GO AHEAD WITH THIS KIND OF GOOD STORY FILMS…IT MAY BE ROMANTIC OR ACTION OR COMEDY..IT SHUD BE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER FILMS..THATS WAT ALL TAMIL PPLS ARE EXPECTING….ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE FILMS….sure good hearted ppls and lovers will cry at climax…i’ve not cn siruthai…but aadukalam oly 1st half ok…2nd half is mokkai….Kaavalan superb…its a romantic family entertainer….u can c a type of vijay as u cn in love today,kadhaluku mariyadhai and friends etc…..Kavalan is nice and sure u can c as a family…..  
    its a gr8 come back…  and i m not a vijay fan….
    vj is always gr8…kavalan super…decent family entrtainer…a fresh vijay in kavalan..not like sura,vetaikaran,sivakasi etc…no action mass n masala…soft romantic entertainer….climax is gr8…soft hearted ppls and lovers will sure drops tears in climax…

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