Kaaval Thurai script by 12 writers

This would be the first time in tamil cinema where a script will have 12 writers joining together , Yes and its Arun Vijay’s forthcoming venture ‘Kaaval Thurai’ that is said to be have a team of 12 writers, in a bid to ensure that the script has got no loopholes.

As the title suggests, the film is based on the police department. The 12 writers will ensure that the screenplay and dialogues are strong without any small traces any of the yesteryear cop stories,” sources say.

Arun Vijay’s first innings in acting wasn’t really a commendable one as almost all his films flunked at the box office. However, his career was revived by his father-in-law Mohan who laid his trust on the actor and produced a couple of films for Arun. The first film Malai Mala turned out to be an average grosser but distributors and theatre owners earned good profits.And his recent release Maanja Velu is also doing a great business and is getting appreciations.

Now ‘Kaaval Thurai’  will again bring together the success team of ‘Malai Malai’ and ‘Maanja Velu’- producers Feather Touch Entertainers, director A Venkatesh, actor Arun Vijay and music composer again. A hunt is on to zero in on the heroine, sources add.

Arun Vijay and other members of Maanja Velu team are currently busy with theatre rounds thanking the audience for the film’s success. Kaaval Thurai will go to floors once they return Chennai,” sources maintain.


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  1. karthik

    Even i thought lot of times why arun not getting a blockbuster movie. then the answer ends as story selection was bad. Ok its only 50%. then whatelse? Directors handled arun's movie was not able to make it as a comercial film. I will never say arun acted badly.No.Not at all. When it comes as film eventhough he did his job perfect,fault of others affected him badly. Anyhow now i feel he will stand again by seeing his recent movies. Good luck for him.

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