K S Ravikumars top 5 flicks of all time

K S Ravikumar and Kamal
K S Ravikumar and Kamal

KS Ravikumar is collaborating with Kamal Haassan for the 5th time together now.

He spilled the beans recently as he mentioned the top 5 flicks of all time, as a director.

Manmadhan Ambu is eyeing release pretty soon and he is very excited and eager to find out how his movie is going to fare at the box office.

“I loved working on Naatamai, Padayappa, Avvai Shanmugi, Varalaru and Dasavatharam. These five movies will always remain close to my heart,” says Ravikumar.

We will have to wait and watch if this will go down as another great experience for him. Good luck Sir.


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