K S Ravikumar on Singapore Audio launch

KS-RavikumarManmadhan Ambu the movie which has made news for a lot ” 5’s “ if not” for it’s ” 1’s ” is supposed to be a classic romantic comedy, with Kamal Haasan contributing lyrics to 4 songs and penning down a poem too.

The director affirmed ” Kamal Haasan is the highlight of the film,” and hopes to break box office records, this being the ‘5th’ time collaboration with the actor .’

Another ‘ 5 ‘ in the movie , is the music being composed by Devi Sri Prasad which comprises of 5 tracks to be released will be released on 20 November 2010.

Ravikumar commented on the audio release which was in the news for having planned to do in Singapore, for quite some time It’s not because I want to compete with others. A major part of the film was shot on a cruise ship. So, I wanted to have the
audio launch on one. But unfortunately, no cruise ship visits Chennai and so, we had to opt for Singapore; Also the auditorium in this ship can hold a minimum of 5000 people
, he says.

While the director did not fail to appreciate the effort of his cast , ” Trisha’s a fine talent,  she definitely doesn’t belong among actresses who dance for the duets and disappear. Madhavan and Sangeetha have already proved themselves as versatile actors,” he says.

K. S. Ravikumar has got all fingers dipped in the pie . He is involved with Kamal Hassan in Manmadhan Ambu , while the scripting of Hara with Rajinikanth is waiting to be concluded.

Ravikumar on Rajinikanth’s Hara added, ” Rajini and I meet up at least once every month for a casual chat. When we met this
time, we discussed the script of Hara. The talks are still on and I haven’t officially signed up to do Hara. We will come to
a conclusion post Deepavali.”



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