Jyothirmayi to quit from film industry

Jyothirmayi to quit from film industry

In what appears to be the season of actresses quitting films, actress Jyothirmayi seems to be the latest addition to the growing list of actresses opting out of the film industry. In the recent past, actresses Shammu and Karthika (of ‘Thoothukudi’ fame) have quit the industry for various reasons. While Shammu is off to U.S. to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, Karthika’s not forthcoming with her reason to quit.

Malayalam actress Jyothirmayi debuted as heroine in the hit film ‘Thalainagaram’ opposite Sundar C. The film, a mix of action and comedy, did reasonably well and established her as an actress to reckon with. She then went on to star in films like ‘Naan Avan Illai’ and ‘Vedigundu Murugesan’, both of them were commercial hits.

She has starred in as many as 30 films in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Reports emanating from Mollywood say that the actress has decided to call it quits from the entertainment industry. Jyothirmayi, who had been married prior to entering the film industry, recently filed for divorce. It was only then the news of her marriage came to light to many in the industry.

She had successfully kept her film career and personal life away from each other. The actress, though, is reportedly upset at the ‘breaking’ of ties with her husband which has resulted in her filing a divorce suit. This disappointment might have forced to make the decision to quit the films. She has finished all her pending projects sometime in the past.

We can only wish her good luck in the hour of crisis!



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    really, relationships are not based on fucking man…its more than that….she has alot of problems and wants a break…let her do what she wants to do

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