Jodi No 1 Michael thanks Kanimozhi team

Michael thanks kanimozhi team
Michael thanks kanimozhi team

Michael made his debut with the recent flick Kanimozhi. Even though he is yet to make a real impact on the silver screen, many will know that he is a well known figure in the dance circle, as a Jodi no1 title winner and also as one of the judges for a dance reality show Jodi No.1 Junior on Vijay TV.

Michael is delighted with the positive response he has been receiving and really thankful for his role in Kanimozhi . He expressed his gratitude towards producer Sona and T Sivanandam of Amma Creations for presenting him with this opportunity.

He also revealed that earlier he was hesitant to take up the role but now is delighted after he changed his decision to take up the role which needed some persuasion by Sivanandam.

The actor gave a promising performance in Kanimozhi hope he continues his good work and lives up to the expectations of his fans.



  1. asha

    🙂 michael means vow kana kannum kalangal michael is friendly jodi no.1 michael is iyo what a performer on the whole michael is a lovely,energetic,handsome superb boy.

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