Jiiva’s Mugamoodi receives good collections


Jiiva’s ‘Mugamoodi’ had a grand weekend. Amidst the good response, there were many who felt that the movie did manage to engage the audience but was low on the entertainment factor. The film features Jiiva, Narein and Pooja Hegde in key roles and has music composed by K.

Nevertheless an aggressive marketing campaign by UTV Motion Pictures ensured that their product yields good returns. Made on a budget of Rs.20 crore inclusive of all miscellaneous expenses ‘Mugamoodi’ has managed to rake in Rs.10 crore in the opening weekend, at the box-office. The film did have good performances by Jiiva and villain Narain. Sathya’s cinematography too was likeable, though the second half proved sluggish, having loopholes in the climax.  ‘Mugamoodi’ was released in 600 theatres worldwide last Friday and halls are still running full with 10 to 12 shows in major multiplexes. Chennai, Trichy, Madurai have contributed a major chunk of the collections. Moreover the film was exempted from entertainment tax. The makers had confirmed that a 3D sequel is planned but the project will be given a green signal only after measuring the response for the first installment.




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