mugamoodi shooting spot

Jiiva wraps shoots with Bruce Lee’s stunt master

mugamoodi shooting spot

You won’t believe that Jiiva is mastering the art of Wing Tsun .And more than that he trained under an expert stuntman who has worked with the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan too. Shooting for Mysskin’s Mugamoodi in Karaikal, there was news that the team had recruited an ace stunt choreographer for the action scenes.

However, things got a bit tight and the stunt master got a call to complete work on his Hollywood offering Expendables 2.He had to leave director Mysskin and others as priorities took over.  Soon, the Mugamoodi team welcomed their new Wing Tsun master Sifu Tony, who flew all the way from Hong Kong. Tony has more than 30 years of experience and is one of the masters in the field. He also starred in ‘The 36 Crazy Fists’, which was choreographed by Jackie Chan. Joining Mugamoodi for it’s final shots Tony taught Jiiva some close combat Wing Tsun techniques. Jiiva says, “The Chinese stunt director Sifu Tony who did IP man is making noodles out of me.”  The Mugamoodi hero is impressed with the dedication Tony brings in, as he explained things in a very easy manner,not making matters tense. Shooting for the action scenes Jiiva did have sore Hamstring and shoulder muscles to deal with, but he put in his best to complete the schedule in time. Accomplishing the Herculean task, Jiiva sounded relieved as he quipped, “Mugamoodi schedule pack.Heading to Chennai. Couldn’t wait to go home.”


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