Jiiva shoots bar number for Mugamoodi


Shooting nights out for his Mugamoodi actor Jiiva is getting things back to normal. The project helmed by talented director Mysskin, claims to the first super hero subject in Tamil cinema. There are some fresh new updates on the movie, coming right from the sets.

“Shooting a song for Mugamoodi. Bar anthem song hahah lol… Having fun and also getting roasted in the sets”, says Jiiva. The Mugamoodi hero returned to the shooting location after walking the ramp for Anusha Dhayanidhi Nefertari fashion event, along with many others present for the big occasion. For Mugamoodi Jiiva has Miss India girl Pooja Hegde playing his love interest. K composes the scores for this release. He has impressed director Mysskin with the tracks already as they join hands after their hit combi in Yuddham Sei  Sathya handles the lens department, capturing the bar scenes believably for Mugamoodi . Accompanying him will be Gagin doing his editing bit.
Now when was the last time we saw a superhero walking out of a bar ?


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