mugamoodi shooting

Jiiva gets a sore hamstring muscle

mugamoodi shooting

Jiiva’s Mugamoodi has reached it’s climax shoots. The film a Superhero movie, first of it’s kind in Kollywood has actor Jiiva and Pooja Hegde in lead. His beautiful heroine Pooja Hegde recently joined the Mugamoodi sets in Karaikal.

Jiiva and Narain, the Mugamoodi villain, are done shooting some high-octane action scenes for Mugamoodi. Both actors have taken up martial art training under experts and had their stunts co-coordinated by a Hong Kong stuntsman, shooting with 250 other artists. Director Mysskin is completing things at a brisk pace with 90% of the schedule completed and just a couple of songs left. The Karaikal shoots are running late into the night, shooting on top of a huge structure. Jiiva says, “Damn excited to work with international stunt director and co-ordinaries… Semma bendu erukku.” The actor is feeling the pressure literally. Taking up the Herculean task of putting on his heavy jacket and jumping around to save the city from evil forces, he says “Climax shoot going on great. Hamstring,Gluteal and shoulder muscles are fully soured up… Still managing to get the moves. Damn hectic and tough but I still I love my job.” That’s like our strong super hero 😉


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