Jeevas Vandhaan Ventraan releasing on September 16th

Jeevas Vandhaan Vendraan releasing on September 16th

September 16, 2011 has been scheduled as the release date for Jeevas Vandhaan Vendraan. This particular movie is a special one for Jeeva as he has something different to offer with Vandhaan Vendraan . After his photographically appealing KO performance and playing the victorious Shiva in the follow-up flick Rowthiram, Vandhaan Vendraan will have Jeeva playing a boxer.

The flick has Aadukalam girl Tapasee Pannu (yeah the same girl Dhanush was mundu-fully in love with) playing the lead heroine as she tries to bring in some love for this upcoming crime thriller. Tapasee plays an architect in the movie. The music for Vandhaan Vendraan has been composed by Thaman who is keeping his spirits high with his Kanchana smile. On being asked how it felt working with Tapasee. A delighted Jeeva said, “it’s been a great experience and Tapasee’s come a long way. Initially we had doubts how she would pull off the Tamil dialogues but now things have really turned out well.”

Jeeva we are keeping our fingers crossed and our hands boxed 🙂  for this upcoming release.


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