Jeeva’s ‘Singam Puli’ team in Dubai

Jeeva's Singam Puli

Jeeva, who started off his career with a series of serious thrillers like ‘Raam’ and ‘Katrathu Tamil’ has shifted gears to commercial route. ‘Thenavatu’ and ‘ Kacheri Arambam’ come under his commercial flicks. The next mile stone in his career is ‘Singam Puli’.

In ‘Singam Puli’ Jeeva will be seen performing a dual role for the first time in his cinema career. Jeeva plays both the hero and the anti-hero in the film. The director has scripted the film as a suspense filled package, where it’s difficult to identify which Jeeva plays the hero and anti-hero role.

Now the ‘Singam Puli’ unit has planned to travel to Dubai and Muscat for a song shoot. The film will be ready for release as soon as the song shoot is over. For the first time Jeeva is performing dual character, he has lots of expectations on the film.


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