Jeevas Singam Puli case with Police Commissioner

Jeeva's double role in Singam Puli

Jeeva’s Singam Puli, released last week on the 4th, saw the actor in double roles one as a fisherman and the second as lawyer. That’s for the movie part of it but now we are told that the Singam Puli ‘lawyer’ has lodged a complaint with the Chennai Police Commissioner over a case of piracy .The actor was shocked to find pirated DVD’s and ripped versions of the movie floating freely on the internet.

He earlier was delighted to share his Nanban experience with us and we quote, “Nanban shooting has been awesome! Working with legends like Shankar sir, Sathyaraj sir and Ilayathalpathy has been a lifetime experience for me!” Now the Singam Puli piracy case will have dampened his good spirits.

Nevertheless we hope legal action is taken soon to ensure a good run for Singam Puli at the theaters.


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