Jeeva’s next ‘Adaleru’ produced by Pennagaram PMK contestant Tamilkumaran

‘Baba’ had to pass through the tough hands of the political party PMK? The party hates cinema and actors, sorry at least heros smoking on screen.

Moreover PMK relentlessly propagates views against cinema in general and Tamil cinema in particular. But the parties animosity towards Tamil cinema will soon end.

Politicians belonging to PMK are turning producers. Gajali who is the Tirunelveli district secretary of PMK surprised everyone and his party by doing a villain role in the film ‘Yogi’. From doing a small role Gajali has promoted himself to a producer and is producing the film ‘Ennai Yetho Seithuvittai’ starrig Tharun Gopi.

If that isn’t enough another high profile politician who is turning a producer is Tamilkumaran who is the son pf PMK Chief GK Mani. Tamilkumaran contested the recently held by-poll in Pennagaram and secured the second place. He is said to be producing a film ‘Adaleru’ which means Wild Lion according to reliable sources. Jeeva has been signed as the hero and debutant Chozhan will direct. The search for a new heroine is on. Sources close to Jeeva say ‘Adaleru’ will start after Jeeva finishes ‘Ko’.

Seems it will be difficult to see a producer without political patronage in Tamil film industry son.

By the way will it benefit the industry in long term?


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