Jeeva the hero and villian in ‘Singam Puli’


Jeeva is one of the handsome person in the Tamil film industry and known for accepting new and challenging roles. When a actor gets the chance to perform dual role, it shows the hight he has grown in the industry.

Jeeva is known for carefully choosing his films. Now Jeeva is venturing into a dual role for the first time in Singam Puli directed by debutant Sai Ramani. The actor’s versatility was clearly evident in E, Raam, Katradu Tamizh and Pori. Divya Spandana pairs with Jiiva for the first time in Singam Puli.

The film will be special for the actor, as for the first time, he will play the roles of hero and villain. “Most often, when there is a double role, one character is at least made to look less attractive than the other if not totally different. But in this movie, both the characters look exactly the same and just have a few different character traits.

The whole entertainment stems from the fact that they look exactly the same! One guys is fierce like a lion [singam] and the other is fierce like a tiger [puli], but they look alike! It may sound like a hardcore action flick, but trust me, it’s full of fun for everyone,” assures Jeeva, and we are going to trust him on that!


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