Jeeva Seeks Suggestions to Name his Son

Actor Jeeva

Young actor Jeeva has been blessed with a baby boy on October 14.  The couple Jeeva and Supriya, who were childhood friends, got married in 2007.

Needless to say, the actor is delighted with the arrival of the new member. The proud father Jeeva is now looking for suggestions from fans and public to name his dear son.

Jeeva has asked his fans and mates  recently, “hello mates! plz suggest me a unique name for the Jr. Lookin for a name which is unique n different….let it be from the greek,roman or egyptian names”

Your Suggestions Folks? We shall ask Jeeva to look at here.




  1. common sense

    people…he is not seeking name from you… he wnt really come to this site and pick so dnt waste ur time.

  2. Vasin

    Hi Jeeva

    Do not go for half names as everyone does.

    First Name Mark; derived from Markandeyar
    Second name Senegal; the venue of the first Thamil Aaraichi Maanaadu.

    The Full Name

    Mark Senegal Jeeva

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