Jeeva goes click click


KV Anand the cinematographer-director has a great companion in his camera.Well his passion has surely rubbed on to his cast and crew. That’s exactly what happened during Ko’s shoot, the happy victims were Jeeva and editor Anthony who have become camera addicts lately. We had a chit chat with Mr. KV Anand himself who told us,

“You know Jeeva was already into photography. But after playing a photojournalist in Ko, his interest just doubled. And now, the photography bug has bitten Anthony as well. He bought a high-end camera recently and is shooting everything he spots!”

As Anand gets busy with his next film with Surya, titled Maatraan but he has surely left Jeeva and Anthony mesmerized with their new toys.

This is exactly what being with the greats can do to you; well after we heard this even we got busy clicking away, and believe us or not its has been really a great ride so far, why don’t you guys try too. Click! Click!


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