Jeeva blends in Fisherman role

Jeeva the disguised fisherman
Jeeva the disguised fisherman

Singam Puli will see Jeeva don double roles as an advocate and a fisherman. Even though both the roles have been given equal importance by Sai Ramani, the Director revealed an interesting incident to share for the latter role.

While shooting for his flick Singam Puli in Kovalam there was a marriage reception scene where more than 700 people had gathered .The crew was required to make use of many generators. However the shooting came to a standstill with no electricity for supply as unexpected rains played a spoilsport followed by everyone heading to nearby huts
for shelter. But star Jeeva was not to be seen in the vicinity while his assistant’s hopeful voice was heard shouting out Jeeva’s name aloud.

Surprisingly the actor was standing next to his worried production assistant amongst many as a disguised fisherman, convincingly as part of the rest of the crowd present there. Jeeva later thanked his concerned assistant personally saying, “You were the only one concerned.”

Well now that’s what we call getting into the skin of the character.


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