Jayaram controversy – Tamil nadu CM has asked tamilians forget Forgive

Jayaram controversy - Tamil nadu CM

Coming to the rescue of popular Malayalam and Tamil actor Jayaram, facing protests over his alleged derogatory remarks against Tamil women, Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi today said the controversy should be put to an end in the spirit of “forgive and forget” since the actor had apologised.

Karunanidhi also warned that police would “not remain witness” to attacks on the actor’s house.

His comments come a day after eight members of a little known Tamil outfit ‘Naam Tamizhar’ were arrested for attacking Jayaram’s house here protesting his remarks.

“It is condemnable if Jayaram spoke about Tamil women in bad taste. However, let us forget and forgive since he has tendered an unconditional apology,” Karunanidhi, a film script writer himself, told reporters here, adding, “Police would not remain a witness to attacks on his house or intimidation of his family members.”

The actor had reportedly told a Malayalam TV channel recently, “My maid is a dark fat buffalo like a Tamil woman, how can I look at her,” when asked whether he had taken a second look at his house maid in real life.

Jayaram, who has acted in a number of Tamil films including ‘Panchathanthiram’ and with Kamal Hassan, yesterday tendered an apology for his remarks with folded hands, saying he did not intend to hurt anyone by his comments.

The Advocates’ Forum for Social Justice today said the petition filed by it against Jayaram in a city court would be withdrawn in view of the apology.

In a statement here, forum founded by PMK leader S Ramadoss, said since the actor had himself tendered an unconditional apology, the forum has decided to accept it and withdraw the case when it comes for hearing on February 10.



  1. Anonymous

    If you said "My maid is a dark fat buffalo like a Malayala woman, how can I look at her," then you will be right, but you fucking ass hole.
    do you can remove the words droped from your mouth.

    Karunanithi is a PIMP he started his politics from thevadiya thozil.


  2. Manumohan

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  3. Anonymous

    I think Jayaram unintentionally made a grave mistake..to aggravate those few who still dont realise the beauty of dark or dark brown skin..jayaram is just a joker and lacks common sense at times..! i am a malayalee and i studied in tamilnadu salem for 2 years..cant remember seeing a woman like jayaram described..with all due respect to tamils, i hve seen slim dark brownish good looking women folk throughout my stay in TN and i even wished i married a tamil girl..its not only their luks; they have a very deep rooted ancient respectable culture..JAYARAM ITS HIGH TIME U LIMIT UR MIMICRY TO ANIMAL SOUNDS..U BET!

  4. Anonymous

    All tamil women are dark shit looking. I think Jayaram was honest. I would say Tamil nadu is the Uganda of India with brainless, black, dark bitches. tamil nadu is a disgrace to the entire india.

  5. hunkygornzz

    <span>hei anonymous – 3 i dont know where u are from. but better mind your words. If you have the balls to show it, come to tamil nadu and talk the same crap. We Tamilians have always displayed hospitality to everyone coming to our state even to the heights of making one expat (Mr.M.G.Ramachandran) a chief minister.Do you know that Tamil is older than Sankrit. Do you know that the Tamils were the first and actual Indians in India.You say we are brainless what makes you say that. Haven't you ever heard about A.R.Rahman, Mani Ratnam,Dr.Abdul Kalam,Chidambaram – ex finance minister and many more.I'm sure you are either from Pakistan or from North India.By any means you are a coward.I dare you to reply with sense.</span>

  6. anonymous

    anonymous -3 is wrong. He proved he doesn't know a thing abt thamizh, thanmizhars or thamizhnaadu. What a great list of people from tamilnadu we have.

    Nobel prize winners from India: Out of four two are from TN. (CV Raman and S. Chandrasekhar)

    One of the greatest mathematicians of all time: S.V. Ramananujan (A Tamil).

    Do you think these people had shit brain.

    Regarding beauty,

    Actress sridevi is from tamilnadu. U people fell for her for so many years. Kamal hasan is another handsome and talented tamilian. Trisha as well. Hemamalini as well. You need a complete list..??

    What about talents like Ilayaraja, AR Rehman, Mani ratnam who rock at the national level…all are great tamilians.

    WAKE UP…It's not dark out there..Your eyes are closed mate..!! take care.

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