Jayam Ravi’s sons name is ‘Aarav’

Jayam Ravi's son is 'Aarav'

The Young actor who has tasted success with his recent release ‘Thillalangadi’ has named his son as ‘Aarav’, which means ‘rising star’. Jayam Ravi-Aarthi couple got married on June 4th, 2009 and were blessed with a boy on 29th June 2010.

After 2 months of delay for good, the naming ceremony took place at Ravi’s home as per Hindu custom. The actor is looking forward for his next release ‘Ich’ , directed by Prabhudeva.

He has completed his ambitious romantic musical tentatively titled Ich in record time of 46 days.Hansika motwani has played his female lead in this film.



  1. CG

    Nice name…It's like first 2 letters from his wife's name AARTHI and the last three letters from ravi's first 3 letters..RAVI. It's just like Sanjay who is viJAY and SANgeetha's son…but nice name though!!!God bless AARAV

  2. nishadhanaraj

    nice and different name i never hear this name before so all the very best of luck for ur families 

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