Jayam Ravi Talks on ‘Thillalangadi’

jayam ravi in thilllangadi
Jayam Ravi, is one of the charmest actors in the Tamil film industry. He was busy with his film ‘Thillalangadi’ which would be hitting the screens soon.

Jayam Ravi while addressing the media said,” We have created Thillalangadi in such a way that it will really entertain the audience. In the recent times, lot of films which has violence has been released. The audience comes out of the theatres with heavy heart.

But this film Thillalangadi will really make the audience happy. They will come out with a light heart. We have also given a lovely message to the society through this film. My brother has done a wonderful job as a director.

In the same way as an actor I have done my duty. There are 35 popular actors starring in this film. I was really happy to act with these actors. The crowd was like a Nadigar Sangam crowd on the shooting. Nobody else could have fitted their roles. Because of this we did not bother about the expenses.

We made them act with the intention of making a successful film. The matter which worked out with Vadivelu sir and me in the film Dass will be 200 times more in this film. Regarding the film Aadhi Bhaghavan, I wish to say that Ameer is also my brother. He had called me many times to act in his film. But I was not able to because I was acting in other films. Since he wanted me to act in this film, he was waiting for me patiently. This is a very big thing. I am really happy working with him.

He took me to the shooting giving me a clear picture of this film. He is always of that opinion that the actor who acts in his film should not have any doubts about the film. At the same time he will not force is views on us.”


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