Jayam Ravi Regrets for having rejected Angadi Theru offer

‘Angdadi Theru’ spoke truth, and all people are feeling happy about the success of the film but there is one actor who has some regrets for ‘Angadi Theru’.

The Peranmai hero ‘Jayam’ Ravi has a very valid reason to sulk. It was ‘Jayam’ Ravi who was first approached by Vasanthabalan for ‘Angadi Theru’ and only when he and some other popular heroes rejected the offer Vasanthabalan looked elsewhere and brought in a new super talent Mahesh.

Now after seeing the rousing welcome ‘Angadi Theru’ and Mahesh are receiving from all quarters ‘Jayam’ Ravi regrets his skills of judgment. This kind of missing the right film is not new to actors. It was Vignesh who was chosen to play the lead in ‘Sethu’. When he failed Vikram came in and the rest is history. When Murugadoss started work for ‘Ghajini’ he first approached Madhavan for the role. When Madhavan rejected the film Suriya came in and became a super star.

So it is not just your power of judgment Ravi. It’s only luck did not favour you this time.


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