Jayam Ravi and Jeeva the boxers

Jayam Ravi
Jayam Ravi

The young breed of actors are always the ones to showcase their relentless efforts before doing a character in a movie with Jeeva and ‘Jayam’ Ravi publicizing their efforts recently taking up the role of boxers.

Recently Jeeva learnt boxing for his ‘Vanthaan Vendraan’, directed by Kannan, ‘Jayam’ Ravi too has been influenced and is getting trained in martial arts for the upcoming venture which is titled ‘Boologam’.

Kannan tells us,

“Since Jeeva is playing a boxer, he has put in the efforts to master the art and has undergone rigorous training and became a boxing exponent before they started shooting for the movie.”

The Director of ‘Boologam’, N Kalyan Krishnan says,

“The film will be showcasing the life of a boxer and it is inspired by Asian boxing champion Madhan. Jayam’ Ravi is being trained by Madhan himself and the actor is putting his best efforts.”

What better way to get into the shoes of the character oops! Gloves of the boxer, might be more appropriate. Best of luck to Ravi for his efforts.


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