Jayam Raja wants to direct Ajith

Jayam Raja wants to direct Ajith

It’s not a surprising fact that almost each and every film-maker, be it a veteran or a newcomer, wants to make a film with Ajith in the lead. The affable, outspokenness of the star has won him many admirers and friends in the industry. The latest to join the bandwagon of wannabe directors wanting to direct Ajith is none other than ‘Jayam’ Raja, who’s Vijay-starrer Velayudham is all set to release on Deepavali.

For more than one reason, the performance of Velayudham at the box-office would be studied in depth by Kollywood watchers and Raja’s fans. This is for the first time that Raja has directed a hero other than his younger brother Raja who has formed a formidable combination among themselves by churning out hit film after hit film over the past many years.

Speaking to newsmen on the eve of the release of Velayudham, Raja said: “This is my 7th film; so far, I have made remakes of successful films in other languages (mostly Telugu). Velayudham, though, is different in the sense that though the theme is similar to the Telugu hit Azad, the script is entirely conceived and written by me. The film, which has Vijay is the lead, is almost my dream project which had been in my mind for a long time.

“Personally and as a director, my personal favourties are MGR’s Enga Veettu Pillai, superstar Rajinikanth’s Baadsha and Vikram’s Anniyan. All these three films, though purely commercial ones are very different from each other. Vijay has put in a very good performance in the film and has dazzled in song, fight and emotional sequences. My dream is to win the coveted national award at least once in my career.

“I’d continue to work hard till I win the national award. Given a chance, I’d surely love to work with Ajith by making a film with him playing the lead,” concludes Raja.


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