Jayachitra son to pair up opposite Tamannah,Anushka

Amaresh Ganesh
Amaresh Ganesh

Amaresh Ganesh, the talented son of yesteryear’s actress Jayachitra, made a less-than-impressive debut last year through the film ‘Naanae Ennul Illai’. The multi-faceted and mightily talented Amaresh had scored the music of the film, besides penning a couple of lyrics other than playing the lead role.

The film, in the ultimate analysis, didn’t click at the box-office. The burly actress has now turned her sights to Tollywood and is making grand plans for launching her son in Telugu films. In order to ensure that his debut film turns out to be as impressive as it can get, Jayachitra has reportedly roped in leading hotties Tamannaah and Anushka to pair up opposite Amaresh.

It’s indeed surprising that both the actresses, who are on top in Tamil and Telugu film industries at present, have agreed to star as one of the two heroines opposite a rank newcomer in the Telugu film. Tongues have already started wagging in Tollywood as to what could have been the ‘high fee’ which would have convinced both Tamannaah and Anoushka to star in the film.

Only Time can say whether or not Amaresh would be able to make an impression in Telugu!



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